Janitorial Service for NOAA,Command DATA Acquisition Station.

    Alliant Support Service Inc. has a sub-contract to provide supervision, labor and supply acquisition to accomplish the contractual requirements.

    - Supervisor Facilities manager

    - Janitors Custodial service in accordance with requirements of the contract for a 5 building, approx. 20,000 sq. ft. complex.

    Contract # 1-JS-09/01/09

    Janitorial Service to two buildings for the Town of Chincoteague Inc., Chincoteague, VA.

    We are the PRIME contractor for this contract.

    - Provide supervision, janitorial labor equipment, supplies and consumables.

    - These facilities are home of police, town administration, town government meeting rooms, detaining rooms, licensing offices, town maintenance offices and more.

    GSA contract# GS-03P-10-QF-P-0009

    Perform Janitorial and related services for the Social Security Administration Property in Chambersburg PA.

    - We staffed the project and started it January 4, 2010.

    - Contract is to provide daily janitorial service to include periodic cleanings such as shampooing carpet, strip and wax resilient tile floors and window washing.

    - Contract also includes Pest Control Plan, Snow Removal Plan, Mowing, Landscaping and Tree Trimming.

    - This required development of action planning and obtaining sub contracts to cover tasks that required equipment or permits that we chose not to obtain in house.



    Provide periodic special requirements cleaning to the center. It is a very active publicly used building that requires a crew to do in depth cleaning when schedule permits.

    - We planned and staffed to accomplish strip and wax of 9000 sq. ft. floor, cleaned and sanitized kitchen and restrooms, cleaned windows, offices and grand entranceway.

    - This is an as needed contract that is open to repair and restoration work as the customer requires and can coordinate with their schedule of events.


    Recovery Act

    Provided Interior Storm Windows for four historic buildings at Fort McHenry National Monument, Baltimore, MD.

    - Planned and managed project, acquired technical expert partner, took accurate measurements for manufactured fittings, coordinated manufacturing deadlines for completion and installation on time.

    - Coordinated delivery schedule and installation with park officials so public access to the monument was not restricted. There were 98 windows done for this project funded by the Stimulus Act money.


    Recovery Act

    Provided Replicated Exterior Shutters, Hinges and Shutter Dogs for Fort McHenry National Monument, Baltimore, MD.

    - Projected and planned, acquired technical experts in wood manufacturing and historic replica fabrication.

    - Acquired project specific materials and managed fabrication/manufacturing of 51 sets of wooden shutters.

    - Coordinated delivery of materials and acceptance inspection at Fort McHenry.