• Capabilities & Capacity

  • We have the ability to assess needs and provide solutions to support our customers with the right people, equipment and services. Our versatility allows us to complete any project or mission required by our customer. When establishing a crew on site, we will appoint a supervisor from the area of work to manage the crew and be the first point of contact for our customer.

    We do project development and work scheduling to achieve work completion with milestone reporting. We develop a full understanding of customer desires and respond with a proposal that will meet those requirements.

    We have done significant work in ISO-9000 certified shops. We can develop Quality Control Plans to maintain a high quality standard throughout the contract period. This plan clearly indicates the requirements and specifications needed to perform surveillance inspections. Our plan provides for quick correction, complete reporting and discipline to prevent repeat errors.

    We have sub-contracted portions of contracts to other companies that we feel are better equipped to meet the customer’s needs in related or specialized work. An example would include an overall facilities operation contract that may require elevator maintenance, we would sub-contract that work to a licensed service provider.

  • ~We have demonstrated our ability to observe and define Customer need and develop performance strategies for successful projects.

    ~We determine equipment requirements, staffing needs and oversight requirements

    ~We have experience writing and implementing detailed Quality Control Plans

    ~We hire qualified staffing from the project local area. (we prefer to hire VETs when available due to their inherent work ethic)

    ~We will partner with local companies to provide service we currently don’t staff ( HVAC, Elevator, Pest Control).

    ~We have the financial capacity and supply channels to stand up new contracts along with the experience managing multiple locations.